Here are some of my recordings with musicians and groups I have been collaborating with through the years as a bansuri player. These projects include various kinds of musical genres such as jazz, experimental, ambient, flamenco, singer/songwriter and more….


Flamenco Crossover 



Robert ‘Robi’ Svärd – Guitar, Composition
Richard Ekre Suzzi – Bansuri
Ahmad Al Khatib – Oud
Stefan Bergman – Bass
Micke Andersson – Percussion


Miguel Hiroshi Garcia – Percussion, Silver-flute, Composition.
Richard Ekre Suzzi – Bansuri, Piano, Composition.
Rodrigues Yany – Bass...


Maurico Garay Cid – Guitar, Composition
Richard Ekre Suzzi – Bansuri
David Kuckhermann – Percussion


Bansuri & Oud

banuri & Oud

Ahmad Al-Khatib – Oud, Composition
Richard Ekre Suzzi – Bansuri

Bansuri & Hangpan

bansuri och hangpan


David kuckhermann​ – Hang pan, Composition
Richard Ekre Suzzi – ​Bansuri


Brazil India groove


Mauricio Garay Cid – 10 string guitar
Jorge Pareres – Guitar
Richard Ekre Suzzi – Bansuri

Skärmavbild 2017-11-02 kl. 10.38.21


Jazz Ambient

jazz ambient



Peter Nylander – Guitar/Composition
Rikard N Jokela – Bas
Richard Ekre Suzzi – Bansuri


Reasonable People

I miss you

Harriet Ohlsson – Lead Vocals, Composition  harriet
Gustav Svedung – Vocals
Andreas Eriksson  – Guitar
Magnus Bergström – Bas
Richard Ekre Suzzi – Bansuri

Bansuri & Marimba

collage done

Runes resa

Olof Wendel – Marimba
Richard Ekre Suzzi – Bansuri

Contemporary / Experimental


zephyr 1

Jonas Simonsson – Alt-flute
Göran Månson – Contrabas Recorder
Richard Ekre Suzzi – Bansuri, Composition

zephyr bild

Music for dance

mute dance



Miguel Hiroshi – Percussion
Richard Ekre Suzzi – Bansuri
Boris  Mogilevski –  Guitar
Tomas Merlo – Bas

El Flautín

el flautin
Alvaro Corcuera – Vocals, Composition
Richard Ekre Suzzi – Bansuri